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Bailey. Nineteen. Love Always. <3

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Who can honestly handle all of this? I am one person, and I can not make you happy 24 fucking 7. You yell at me about things that are not in my control in anyway. I just wish you would stop doing that, and understand what I need to do. I’m also sorry that you spend your money on stupid things and i need to save my money to survive. Also, I thought our wedding was important to you; but every time i mention it, you get agitated . I’m done trying, and you wonder why i never sit in our room with you…..

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Vic Fuentes and All Time Low perform on stage at Alternative Press Music Awards at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on July 21, 2014 in Cleveland, United States.

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marvel mcu meme: [1/7] male characters → Iron Man/Tony Stark

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I’ve been in abusive relationship after abusive relationship but then one day last April I decided to write my phone number on this regular customer’s double tall soy cappuccino. A month later I was moving all the way across country with my new best friend and lover. So this is an unedited picture of me and my boyfriend. No longer am I scared of my body, sex, or love. I went from being afraid to say anything to talking like a naughty Hallmark card. My favorite thing is this guy sleeping on my ass. Actually my favorite thing is just this guy in general.


A newly empowered lady

This is fucking tremendous, I’m really happy you shared your story of how you two ended up in this position. Being brave and open is such an important part of finding a positive partner, and I’m sure your submission will be inspirational to many ninjas still looking for someone to bond with. Learning to get out of bad relationships and be open to good ones is a very important lesson. Thank you for capturing your beautiful intimacy and sharing it with us, I really appreciate it. 

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make me choose
dane-dehaan askeddave franco or james franco

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